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Katisaa Education Project Mission Statement

Grounded in the love that Jesus Christ showed by his example, Katisaa Educational Center will provide education and training opportunities for single mothers and children in Machakos, Kenya, in order for them to sustain themselves and their families independently.


For more information please visit: or Email us using the contact Form

The goals for the Katisaa Educational Project are to: 

  1. Substantially improve usability, manageability, and scalability far beyond the regions around Machakos
  2. Expand accessibility to eduational, knowledge and the Word of God to others.
  3. Enhance the availablility of education to all children.
  4. Achieve a more sustainable and flexible framework for support of our sponsors. 

Establish in 2007, katisaa Education Project is a non profit project that is funded through donations from individuals like you. It was formed to focus on improving life of the people of Katisaa village in Machakos Kenya to educate, providing training, family activities, preschool center, counseling and spiritual guidance.


Africa Inland Church, Katisaa
P.O.Box 886 Machakos, Kenya