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We had another great trip to Machakos Kenya from September 11th to the 25th of 2015. This was our 5th trip there since 2007 and there have been some major changes both in the church at AIC Katissa and in the town of Machakos. The church now has 3 floors built and all it needs are the walls of the 3rd floor and roof to go. This year instead of working on the kitchen, a picnic area, or a well, we concentrated on getting ready to go up to the third level of the church. We helped recycle the boards and nails that were used for pouring the concrete supports. The six 20-ish year old males we worked with pulled rusty nails out of recycled boards in flip flops for 3USD a day. Neal Whitson, Joshua Kiilu, Mark Miller and myself did not wear flip flops and we did not get paid $3 a day. Since the development committee at Africa Inland Church Katissa wanted us to use all of the $12,000 USD that we brought we did not have a medical clinic this year.

2015 Katisaa Project_1

The city of Machakos has grown to 200,000 since we first started going there. The roads are straighter and wider into town, there are even stop lights, a new 4 star hotel that our group got invited to for lunch with the Speaker of county government, and a new beautiful public park on the outskirts of the city

Once again we had a great Sunday celebration. There are two services now that include an English only service and a Kamba/Swahili/English service. The church membership has grown to over 200 families, and the activities that are generated and gathered at AIC Katissa include prayer groups, choirs, Sunday School classes, youth activities, Christian Women's and Men's groups and the knitting group. Neal and Joshua played guitars in the second service in which the whole congregation sang a Kamba hymn together with them and I gave a meditation and greetings from our church. We later donated the guitars, $12,000, 20 bibles, a lap top and projector to the Youth group (who had been praying for them for more than a year) at the end of the service when everyone in attendance gave what they could to the church

I say this every time we go to AIC Katissa, we were so blessed to be with these gracious Christians across the world. We were blessed and encouraged by worshiping with them, praying with them, laughing with them, and reading the Bible with them. God is great and we are grateful that AIC Katissa church is in our hearts.

Joshua Kiilu, Mark Miller, Neal Whitson and Sheryl Elston