Making a difference in Kenya

Summer of 2007, July 1 through July 14 North Christian Church of Columbus Indiana took a mission trip to Machakos, Kenya to assist build an Educational and Church building.

Currently, we are seeking a grant that would assist in this project that when completed would benefit the community by providing both a spiritual and educational center for the villagers.

The grant money will not only be used to assist build a church but also the nursery school center, for the village of Utooni, near Machakos town. Currently members of this congregation worship in a temporary structure constructed from corrugated iron sheets, and a majority of them are elderly farmers. 

Katisaa (which means shines) church members have already purchased the land where the educational center / church will be built and are anxious to have a permanent structure built. educational center / church building will cost approximately $ 70,000 and most of the building material will be obtained locally. See the website at for the building plan. This center will help fight illiteracy and poverty in the village; the villagers will be able to get basic counseling from here.

There are several children who are orphans in the area after having lost their parents to AIDS. Such children will have an opportunity to be educated here as they prepare to go to elementary school. I am a member of a group of Kenyans in the Mid-West that has been supporting these orphaned children by donating $20 a month. African Inland Church (A.I.C) Katisaa church is now four months old and members have grown to an average of 370 a week. We began with 270 members in September and the number has been increasing every other Sunday. The church is located on the outskirts of Machakos town and is a daughter church of A.I.C Mumbuni that is also the location of one of East Africans oldest Theological colleges.

The proposed site for the new church building is situated in a rich catchment area with many people to be evangelized to and the neighboring churches are also far away. The area has many elderly people, most of whom have difficulties walking to church. Now that A.I.C Katisaa has began and is situated in their midst, they are happy because their prayers have been answered. Two medical doctors provide free medical services while we were there. Indy Ortho, North Christian Church of Columbus and some doctors from Columbus Regional Hospital are putting together a team of people to go to Machakos. Over 200 people were seen in 2days.

The people in this village are in real need of support and most of them are jobless and poverty stricken. A good number of them are unskilled casual laborers who work just for the day’s meal. From the very little saving that they give through offering, they have been able to buy a piece of land on which they have put up a temporary structure. This temporary structure is already full and people sit outside for lack of space. Most people who live in Machakos are small scale farmers and depend on selling farm produce as a source of income. Those that are not farming will usually do jobs such as construction, tend to the livestock in exchange for food.

The average daily income for a person is about $10, many live on much less. Given the continuing church membership, a permanent structure able to accommodate 1000 people in one sitting is most needed. The new plan of the church can be seen at The church needs bibles and hymn books. Your generous support towards this mission will help us effectively reach out to our brothers and sisters in Kenya and meet their spiritual, physical and educational needs.

Should you decide to make a donation, we will name you as a sponsor on all the church’s materials and recognize your generous contribution.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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