Dear Friends,

Our 2013 trip back to AIC Katissa is less than 6 monthsaway. We have had a number of contacts with AIC church members, including Sunday School teachers, church members, choir directors, ministers, and students.

God is ever faithful in the lives of those who earnestly seek Him. I rekindle those days that we were starting to construct our almost complete building of our mega seemed a big mountain to climb but the Sovereign Lord has made it possible for with a lot of assistance from the U.S.A team has not been left behind as the Bibles being used by the senior Class were send to us by Sheryl Elston. God Bless the U.S team even as they prepare to visit their Home chuch way from Home at A.I.C Katisaa in Kenya.

My Kenyan Experience
by Marty Winslow

Where to start? At the beginning, I suppose. People crowding into ticket and security lines, long hours on the planes, the final arrival prefaced the “experience”. A strange land, yet there were friends, who became family, to meet us at the airport. After a brief night’s sleep, we hit the ground running.

On June, 26 2009, to July 13 four members of North Christian Church in Columbus Indiana returned to the village of Katisaa, in Machakos on a mission trip. This was the second mission trip to AIC Katisaa in an effort to continue building the educational center that was started in 2007.