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A team of volunteers from North Christian Church in Columbus Indiana left on June 17th and returned July 2nd. The mission trip was a continuation of the work that was started in the village of Katisaa, Machakos in 2007


One goal of the trip was to

·present 500 school kits for the children of Machakos.
·School necessity kits that include a pencil, eraser, ink pen, pencil sharpener
and small notebook.
·Dig a Well to provide water in the community
·Have a four day clinic in the community to treat basic medical needs.
·Continue with the Katisaa Educational building project.

How you can assist

  1. Building is estimated to cost $60,000 to complete. As of 2009, we had raised $10,000 No grants or continuous flow of funds for the project

  2. In need for partners to support the project financially

  3. Lighting system, windows & finishes,

  4. Books to establish a library

  5. School supplies

  6. Medical supplies

  7. Office supplies, printers PC furniture

  8. Computers for the students

  9. Phones, Fax machines

  10. landscaping (outdoor play areas),

  11. audio / visual design & equipment,

  12. music equipment (piano, drums, guitars) ,

  13. sound,

  14. security system,

  15. furniture & appliances (fridge, stove),

Any donation can be made to

Kenya Mission Trip
North Christian Church
850 Tipton Lane
Columbus, Indiana 47201
Phone: 812.372.1531